What is college coursework

If you manually type the text, highlight what you wrote, right-click and click “font.” Select “inter-character spacing” and, where it is written “on” after the “spacing” field, press the up arrow but only a few times (like 3 or 4), then press the “OK” button. This will add an additional and rather inconspicuous space between the letters in the word. Highlight all the text of your work and put the font size 14. You will not feel the difference in the work of 4 pages, but in the work of 20 pages, you can save a whole page.

Put an extra space before each paragraph. There will be a significant difference when you add hundreds of characters, but visually hardly anyone will notice. Do not expect high marks. It will be difficult to get 5 or 4; for this, your work must be complete. Unless under pressure, you actually do it brilliantly, but a professor can recognize most of these works at a glance, and they are evaluated accordingly. Your score is likely to be lower than usual if your work has less content and you put less effort into it than you did before. It may even be 3, but still better than 2.

Cite several works by the same author. With the help of MLA quoting, using the same author in several papers, you can slightly increase the number of pages. And all because it requires the addition of an additional title in the text to clarify the work, for example (Edgar Allan Poe “Anabel” 2-3) instead of (Edgar Allan Po 2-3). So if there is an opportunity, try using works or sources from the same authors. Use introductory constructs for the source author when quoting or summarizing. Both are true, and can add a few extra lines or text. Edgar Allan Poe, one of the well-published critics and writers of all time, used quotation marks instead of just omitting them.

Use „block-quote“ for quotes. It looks beautiful, but can be used with three or more verse lines, or with four or more lines of prose. In any case, this amount of work is rarely used, and almost without exception, all work must be subjected to synthesis and analysis. Use charts and quote them. If this is appropriate, you can use a table or a schema, and add the source name to increase the number of pages. However, this is additional work that requires analysis and synthesis. A good option would be to use an essay from another course or class only if it is not considered plagiarism. However, be sure to check this before handing over the work. Try asking for an extension make deer eyes, and tell a sentimental story.