How to put coursework on a resume

So imagine tomorrow you have a defense of the course work, which you were supposed to seriously prepare for a year. But of course you, as a real student, have ignored the preparation for such an important event. Yes, and today is April 27th and this is your girlfriend’s birthday, which would be simply a swine. So, you and your girlfriend are celebrating this business absolutely unhindered all day) when you wake up in the morning, in a state of, let’s say frankly, unsuitable for any activity at all. (the thought “why am I not dead a little” is simply hammered over your inflamed consciousness if you have ever gone through this in your life you will understand what is at stake) in general, in other words, you dream of a glass of ice cola and a cold brine bath but at this very moment your head quickly and somehow the bitch suspiciously anxiously pierces the idea that in 6 hours you will have to appear before the attestation commission with the full version of the genius brainchild, creatively created together with your supervisor.

Who is he, by the way, you can’t say for sure and here are the gnawing (surely impossible to say so, but still) the premonition of a huge file, you find the strength to sit at the computer and even open the great Word and absolutely so the magic word “introduction” and it would seem right now, yes, right now inspiration, it will flood, pick up your consciousness and the diplomat philologist will wake up in you without five minutes but something instead of beautiful promising inspiration your brain languishes languidly and implores you to turn it off. convulsively with shaking hands but at the same time bursting with laughter over the current situation of the puns You begin to understand that you have to write something somehow by typing a text whose meaning you don’t yet understand yourself something starts to turn out and it turns out, trust me This great God Anunach remembered you And favorably pours into you an unknown silushku.

Yes, yes, yes do not be surprised everything will go like clockwork!)) Up to an hour, X, a couple of hours are left, and you proceed to the introduction, and then to the conclusion) Making the title page seems to be just an impossible mission at the moment and, even without having ever read your own creation, you realize that it is time to put yourself in order and throw in the university. After another hour and a half, you are standing in front of the commission and confidently trying to convey to everyone what kind of a good student you are (really starting to believe on your way). Smart professors shake their heads in approval and thought that “I think ”sweetly spreads in your mind. You leave the academy, but somehow you didn’t feel any better The excitement is over, the panic has receded and you are left alone (by no means with Conscience, no)) with a disgusting hangover In absolute heavy silence you and your girlfriend a couple of steps to the house to quickly take the horizontal position, which you impudently stole

Mrs. Course (you probably already forgot about it) and rightly so. Since you need to pass the final version (with decorated title page and numbered pages) in a whole eternity after KISSING a week)) and before that God Anunah himself knows how many more holidays you have to go through))) and the title design will take no more minutes Your loved ones will never forgive you for missing their birthdays) Love to you and peace of mind. May God grant you health. I bless you on great achievements, my favorite, real, most executive students of Moscow universities.